Footpath walk Pulla Cross/Crowsmeneggus/Bargus/Cusgarne.

4 miles approx. 1 hour 45 minutes.

Take boots. You have been warned. I had five attempts at this one, was rained off so many times I felt like recommending the treadmill of the local gym for your excercise, but it must dry out sometime, so go for it.

  • (1). Starting at the Playing Field, Pulla Cross. Leave by the bottom gate or stile turn LEFT and take the next stile on the RIGHT down across the fields to the lane alongside Chellean Farm.
  • (2). Turn RIGHT, up past the pub and the chapel, STRAIGHT ACROSS the crossroads then bear RIGHT up the track alongside the cemetery.
  • (3). STRAIGHT ACROSS where the footpath meets the road, down to Crowsmeneggus. Sharp LEFT just before the road.
  • (4). STRAIGHT ACROSS at the next road, bearing RIGHT at the fork signed 'Public Bridleway'. Through the yard and the gate alongside the blue container.
  • (5). At the end of the path, turn RIGHT following the tarmac lane almost down to the farmyard, take a LEFT just before it - red footpath arrow shows the route.
  • (6). LEFT at the next path junction, yellow arrow this time, and follow the path up through a wooded area. Keep left, blue arrow now, then LEFT up the track towards Little Bargus.
  • (7). Blue arrow again at small wooden gate onto narrow bridleway. RIGHT when you meet the road. Careful, this road can be busy.
  • (9). At the corner, take the lane on the left alongside the sign 'No Access for HGVs...'. Follow this lane up and around to the left, past stockpiles of logs and down through a wooden gate. At the bottom, take the stile on the RIGHT beside a metal gate, keep to the left and immediately there is another stile beside a barn. Over this, down the field some 30 metres (the School is in front of you), then LEFT over the stile, RIGHT down the lane to the road.
  • (10). RIGHT down past the school, LEFT into Trehaddle lane until Mill House, then LEFT up the lane which leads back to the playing field.